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Hey everyone:

We are so excited to bring “Bugs Must Die”, a modern retro top-down shooter, to you.

Some of our fans have played the demo 1.0.0 and they do love this game. So we hope you could enjoy the game and recall the fun to play an arcade-style shooter during your childhood.

We will skip the Early Access Stage because we don’t want players to pay for an imperfect game. The full game will be launched this Dec.

If you want to try the demo 1.0.0 before adding Bugs Must Die to your wish-list.

We wish we could get 50,000 wishlists before the launching. Now there are 49,946 rest. Please help us reach this goal.


Bugs Must Die: Demo 1.0.0 (not the final demo) 156 MB
Sep 24, 2018

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