Bugs Must Die: Final Demo Features

Hey, gamers!

We received so much positive feedback from you all after releasing our first demo. Thank you for taking the time to play and provide us with feedback. We are happy to announce the final demo is now ready to keep you satiated till we launch the full game.

You could play the final demo on our Steam store now.

There are three essential improvements in this demo.

1. We added two new tutorials and optimized the weapon-switching system
The primary training and the advanced training will help you pick up the game quickly. You can now pause the game, switch the main weapons and sub-weapons calmly through the new weapon-switching system during battles.

2. You can restore your vehicle one time after it is destroyed. To do or not to do, it's your choice.

3. You can receive rewards by completing the objectives in each level. Some of the rewards are temporary, but these powerful rewards will bring you different experiences in Bugs Must Die.

In addition, we have unlocked two new modes for you to try your hand at. The hell mode is like a dungeon mode, which you explore by driving your vehicle. Although the hell mode is not perfect in this demo, we have found a way to make it more attractive in the full version. There’s even a possibility that the hell mode could become its own standalone title in the future!

We hope you could enjoy this demo, stream it, or share it with your friends. We are hoping to reach 50,000 wishlists before Dec 20th. If we achieve the goal, we will launch the full game this December.

Thanks and best regards

Dragonglass Games


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Nov 22, 2018

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